Mother’s Day Learning Accomplished

May 17-18

I am so proud of the boys… our Mother’s Day lapbook is officially complete! They worked so hard on it!!



Proud boys!

Add in the final chapter of our Mr. Popper’s Penguins (right on schedule) and we are really making our self (and library) imposed deadlines. Though on Monday we have to cover Antarctica in a little more detail.

Ga The End

We had some of our magazines show up from the subscriptions Gammie got the kids! Instant stop and look!


We got in a game of Dora themed Candyland…


The art just kept coming!

Gavin and Emanuel at work

Zander’s birthday card for his god daddy

By Trinity

Because a grid looks “cool” (Zander)

Nana and Baba went out to the new Star Trek movie and brought the kids home some cards that were handed out when they pre purchased their tickets. Echo was CERTAIN at at least one of the pictures was of her Daddy!

Cards spread out for viewing

We have made certain that everything possibly completed has been on a rather rainy Friday. Poor Echo seems to have the same allergy to bug bites as her sister and had a couple swollen bites on her left knee to contend with.

I have started a new large project – a blanket for the family to use on picnics. I am NOT going to link the pattern as I chose a variegated and Ken the grey and the result is NOTHING like the original cut and dry geometric pattern… and I LOVE it!

I figured after all these completions they had earned some Minecraft time… so in the end a good week for all of us!

Signs of Spring

Saturday we took the bigger 4 garage sale hunting (leaving Echo at home with Baba) and spent some time in the backyard while Ken helped with setting up the next step of the straw bale garden.

Setting up the frames

Our garage sale trip resulted in a few cute pieces of clothing for the girls… some books…

We are starting the Mrs Piggle-Wiggle on Monday

And a game where you shoot little metal balls back and forth across some sort of a board. I think we did rather well! Definitely something we will repeat.

The mighty hunters of good deals

New game

And of course I took some photos of our resident adorable baby.

With ball in hand

I am very proud of her hat! I cannot get over how helpful and handy crocheting has become!

And that was just the beginning of our weekend!!!

Skirt flared out

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