Love at First Date (Better Date Than Never #1)

Now I did read this series slightly out of order… you can read my review on book #2… HERE. Love at First Date by Susan Hatler is a lighthearted contemporary romance. What is Ellen to do after a failed long term relationship and a personality that loves organization? Why join an online dating site… Detailed Dating. This local online dating site on Sacramento helped Ellen narrow it down to two very carefully picked candidates which she was  going to meet in person…

That is until Rachel, her good friend and co worker needed her to “babysit” her pampered pooch Chester… cue hilarity leading to a random encounter with a rather attractive and slightly mysterious stranger… Henry… not the “logical” choice what is Ellen to do?

I don’t want to give up more of the story as this is a short story, definitely a giggle for a rainy afternoon. I enjoyed Ellen and her organized chaos and was entertained by the romance and minor mystery connected to Henry… I am looking forward to reading the third installment… My Last Blind Date.

Love at First Date

Love at First Date

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