A Moment of Renewal

I think it is a universal with most Moms that we get so caught up in our children, our home, the homeschooling, or career that we forget to look after ourselves. Well, Brave Writer has some suggestions to help us all take a little more time for ourselves without having to stop the world on a dime…

An alternative list to the normal mainstream ideas of manicures, hairstyle changes, chocolate and glasses of wine:

  1. Think a new thought
  2. Indulge the artist within
  3. Read whatever you want
  4. Love what’s in the mirror
  5. Spoil your nose

What I love about this list the most is the ease of it all. How hard is it to take a moment play with that silly idea. I remember sitting around with friends in high school and discussing “what if’s” and letting it just go… how far could we take it, how many giggles would we end up with. The cost factor is low too. I know for myself (and I am sure many of you) a manicure at the drop of a hat is just not in the budget but a doodle on a piece of paper… all that depends on is some pretty colours laying around the house, and with 5 kids homeschooling I definitely do NOT have a lack of those!

I have found some of my best books in checking for a freebie on Amazon… have a stack of books or a list on your Kindle and just read something fun. Revisit a classic, how long has it been since you have checked out that book  you read as a child or a teenage? What about an article someone has posted on Facebook? Will the world truly end if you take 2 min of me time? Nope, no way!

I have to share exactly how Brave Writer expands on #4…

“Today you are younger than you’ll ever be again. As Nora Ephron says, “Gaze lovingly at your neck.” Notice you blue eyes, your happy smile, your goddess-like curves, your spray of freckles, the way your teeth line up. You’re gorgeous. Say so.”

I have to admit, I do love my eyes, they are hazel and change colours all the time, vacillating between shades of brown and green. My chest is generous and in the right dress rather buxom and I do rather love my fingers that are long and lovely. What do you like when you look in the mirror????

The final suggestion is one that KEN is totally on board with. There is nothing he loves better when in the middle of a tough day of work than lighting a nice scented candle. I love when I find a good hand sanitizer that smells like something other than simply clean, a lotion that has that little bit of citrus…

Now for my suggestions…

  1. Watch a favourite show, I know of more than a few friends who love a good Dr. Who episode. Myself, I enjoy the odd Phineas and Ferb with or without the kids.
  2. Indulge in a favourite craft. I try to keep a few on the go, but there is nothing more lovely than messing around with some craft supplies and ending up with something pretty and fun in the end.
  3. Let go and dance. Turn up that favourite song and give a little wiggle. Especially when you are in the middle of chores or something… add in some singing and you are golden!
  4. Go on a walk, take everyone and the camera and stop along the way and photograph the amazing things you see along the way. Bugs, flowers, an interesting mailbox… and then when you have a moment, sit down and relive the walk together. We have, in the past, printed out the images and made a mini book together. And you can even sneak some educational fun on the way. We have read street signs together, talked about lawn differences and counted houses!

I am sure you all have more we can add to this list! Feel free to share and be sure to go to Brave Writer’s site and read her original post HERE titled Pamper Yourself.

Let's take a minute to enjoy the world around us

Let’s take a minute to enjoy the world around us


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