Flirts… 5 Romantic Short Stories

I have come across one of the stories in this book before… The Hot Girl’s Friend (reviewed HERE) and the one I believe comes after Flirts called Pickup Lessons (reviewed HERE). I love how Lisa Scott’s short romantic stories are all interconnected… each of her main characters meets up with someone from the previous, is at the wedding of the previous or somehow knows someone from one of the other stories. This is volume one of the Flirts series and simply titled: Flirts.

I don’t want to give too much plot away but each of these five stories is a wonderful romantic comedy with characters you love to learn more about. Each of the stories has a happily ever after and each of the romances simply warms  your heart. Lisa Scott is able to do in a short story what many authors do not quite accomplish with hundreds more pages. She draws you in, makes you care for the characters, gives you love and laughter and then ties it up with a lovely ending each time.

There are more of these collections out by Lisa Scott… and I, for one am definitely going to keep my eye peeled for them and add them to my book list. These lovely short stories are a quick and satisfying read. 5 stories in one volume and each a total treat!



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