Reunion Flirts!

One of the reasons I absolutely LOVE Lisa Scott’s romantic short stories is that they are like little nibbles of love, laughter and mischief. I was given the opportunity to read and review THREE of her anthologies and chose to begin with the stand alone Reunion Flirts! 5 little shorts with a taste of reunion in each one.

The characters are lovable faults and all and you are ready to root for your girl from the very beginning of the story. The common thread in this anthology is the class reunion for The Central High Class of 2002. The 10th anniversary… we start with the planning committee and go from there. There are second chances, lost romance, facing your fears and proving you are more than you were… and at the end of each nibble you feel the joy of success of a romance realized.

What I loved about this anthology is that you get a taste of truly facing your past and being AMAZING in your future. For anyone who felt less than or belittled or like they were pushed into a role in high school this is the feel good book for you! I think this is why I sat down and read this anthology in one night… these feel like real people who have gone through the wringer and gone on to become stronger. You see yourself in them and though our time with each pairing is brief it feels like you know them well when you are done. Thank you Lisa Scott for an amazing feel good series of beautiful and heart felt romances that included a few giggles along the way! 

Be sure to check my OTHER reviews on some of her work HERE, HERE and HERE. I cannot rave loudly enough for these terrific contemporary romance short stories… perfect afternoon read… or all at once for a larger helping! ReunionFlirtsCollectionVol07

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