Beach Flirts!

Here I am back to the Lisa Scott gems. Beach Flirts is another anthology of wonderful and refreshing short stories. In this series half the fun was figuring out how the stories tied together… be it knowing someone from a previous, a lost shoe…. or even helping cause the next scenario…. they are all wonderful, engaging, hilarious and best of all …. ROMANTIC!

Of course, as the name suggests, Beach Flirts are all romances that occur on or around the beach. This leaves us open to beach parties, bikinis, swimming and other fun in the sun. Each of the installments are full of interesting people, silly situations and end with a heartfelt love you absolutely cheered along the whole way. 

As is common with the Lisa Scott books (you can read my other reviews HERE, HERE. HERE, and HERE), I really don’t have a favourite coupling, each one quickly becomes my new favourite as I read along. And the final story ties everyone together with a terrific bang ending. I don’t want to spill too much of the story but there are all sorts of loves… at first sight, unrequited (only to become more), broken (waiting to be fixed)… and it all begins with a family holiday at the beach. 

Again I cannot suggest these books enough… if you want bite sized romantic fun that is contemporary in nature this is so for you!!! Cover_beach_flirts

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