The Beginning of a New Year of Learning

September 9-10

We decided that Monday the 9th was our day to begin our new year. But first, a run to Walmart to purchase our very first brand new lunchboxes!! They were on sale and everything (one of the joys of having the ability to wait until AFTER public school starts). Each of the 4 big kids picked their own. We had only 2 that duplicated.101_4476

After the excitement of a lunchbox well chosen we went out to the front yard with our special signs for our new grades! Poor Echo had a blister on her foot and so was not in a picture mood but I think it suited her colourful “Toddler” poster!

Self decorated, of course!

Self decorated, of course!

101_4478101_4479101_4482101_4484We had a parcel come in the mail from England with items from France AND England inside! We have some amazing Facebook friends out there! Thank you Anne and family! I need to find a place to display these lovely things.101_4487

I found and printed out multiple beginning of the year worksheets, games, mini books… anything I could think of to make it fun and interesting to say what our goals are, find out what we like and dislike… that sort of thing.

Lunch was a special experience for us… we have never done the lunchbox thing before! The kids were quick to see alternative uses for these items… snacks on rides, toys, collections. I am sure we will get our use out of them!101_4488

101_4489We also started a new weekly program of 4 days of one on one time with each kid… what I am doing is Monday – Thursday each child gets their day with 30 minutes Mommy only time! Our order for this week is Zander, Emanuel, Trinity, Gavin. Zander chose to sit on the iPad and chat with me!101_4490

Tuesday continued on our trend. We had a couple science projects to start…101_4493

And a garden to pick through…101_4495

Schoolwork to explore…101_4494

and games to play…101_4491

We ended day one with supper together…101_4496

I think it was a beginning well planned and executed!!!

Girls working side by side

Girls working side by side

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