I know that most homeschooling parents and parents in general tend to make life harder than it has to be. I swear it comes with the job description… you love, you worry, you work your buns off and you do your best for those babies. This is why I think we could all take something away from the article 10 Ways You’re Making Your Homeschool Day Harder Than it Has to Be thanks to Simple Homeschool HERE.

I don’t know if I could pick just one or two points as the absolute must reads… each and every point resonates with me. I can admit to needing to remember #6 – Forgetting yourself, your passions and your own education. I have more recently taken this to heart by requiring myself have time to craft. Have moments of reading without worrying that a kid needs me. I actually do some of my best crochet work during the math lessons. They work hard one their books while I sit and work hard on my project. I count, they count and they see that it is good to create during school time. (and there is the added benefit of my hands being busy when I tend to be the most frustrated).

#8 – Refusing to step outside the grade box has been a point we have had to make with many people. They ask what grade the boys are in… and while we do state one as they age we educate as if we do not. They have so much potential to pass their grade point in some things… so much interest in stuff that does not fall into the spectrum. One of the reasons we chose to homeschool was to experience these avenues and twists and turns. A grade is not the measuring point for our school… progression is the benchmark.

#9 – Comparing, comparing, comparing is a VERY difficult one… after all what is life but what FEELS like a big comparison. It is the letting of that go that is something I am working VERY hard at… after all what that mom with the official homeschooling blog does is by no way what we need here in our home. We make do and more with what we have and where we are!

I think I could go on and say something about each and every point on this list. I really suggest that any parent read this list and see how it could reflect in your life… schooling… I mean even a parent who did NOT homeschool could apply #6, #9…

So thank you Simple Homeschool for an amazing, thought provoking article that I am going to read and re read. THANK YOU!101_6678

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