Easter Monday

April 21

Easter Monday… well the Monday after Easter was the perfect day for our family to head to the Como Zoo… it is a donations only entrance so way more affordable for our small budget than the state zoo. It may not have ALL the animals but there are more than enough to make for a fun and fulfilling day.101_7148

We started out with the seals and penguins where we picked up our second plastic mold creature – a seal (last time it was the gorilla). The kids want to collect all of the ones available at the zoo. One animal at a time.101_7149

101_7209101_7152101_7156We got some spectacular pictures of the polar bear.101_7165

101_7166101_7163101_7167We had a snack in front of the lions who were napping in the sun.


And other cats as well

And other cats as well

There was the newly renovated gorilla enclosure to check out as well.101_7182


Don't forget about the monkeys!

Don’t forget about the monkeys!

101_7191101_7192We had a quick stop off at the gift shop to look around and get a postcard to send to Cousin Jimmie back home. And then it was out the door and into the sunshine.101_7195

Time to head home for the OTHER big activity! Gammie sent the kids a box full of Easter Egg Hunt fun! Pre filled eggs and peeps for all!! I had Ken set it all up –  the pretty eggs in the front yard in pretty plain sight for the girls and the backyard full of  the others in harder to find places. The girls were so excited to have easy to find and the boys totally loved the challenge.101_7196


Ready to hunt

Ready to hunt

101_7203After we ran and hunted and laughed it was time to take all the booty up to the sun room to hang out in the sunshine as we painstakingly opened each and every egg and pile up the treats… jelly beans and rockets (US Smarties). Each egg was carefully emptied, closed back up and put into the bag to be saved as I am told we MUST repeat this procedure next year!101_7207

Throw some more fun outside with a tiny bit of school and I think we made it an Easter Monday to remember!!!101_7211

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