Murder Most Austen… a Book Review

I recently reviewed the second book in this series – Murder on the Bride’s Side by Tracy Kiely. Murder Most Austen is another library find and the 4th in the series. So I did have a gap between the two novels. Thankfully you get enough reflection on the previous (and for me missing) book to follow the relationships.

The intrepid Elizabeth Parker is joined by her Aunt (great aunt really) Winnie on a trip of a lifetime to Bath for the Jane Austen Festival. On the flight there we are introduced to a rather unusual Austen scholar Professor Richard Baines and his assistant Lindsay. With some very… unique… opinions on what he saw as the “true” meaning behind Austen’s work and the woman herself he was a prime candidate for drama.

Once in Bath we are introduced to a whole new host of characters including an old friend of Aunt Winnie’s and the family of the professor. With drama and secrets it is a prime situation for the ensuing murder.

I love this one and honestly did NOT figure out who the killer was. Bath is a dream location for me and I do admit to looking up some of the art the ladies saw in London and daydreamed a little about the streets and hotels. There is a touch of romance, a bit of intrigue and murder for the books. I actually enjoyed this book as well as the one I read previously. I cannot wait to get my hands on numbers 1 and 3!

So again. love love love these books by Tracy Kiely. Be sure to check them out if you want a Jane Austen infused read. 9781250007421_p0_v2_s260x420

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