Reunited is a Good Way to Be

July 8-9

Well this summer has been a scheduling jumble and it turned out that with the boys getting home we only had the week following for school before our own church had VBS planned! I think our choice to do TWO VBSes was a good one. We had a CD given to us at the end of Sunday School with the songs for VBS. So of course, the rest of the week it was music in the background with many spontaneous dance parties!101_8329

The reunited siblings had some great together moments. Trinity and Emanuel did a wonderful job on their Canada Day picture. (print out thanks to Activity Village… click link on right and search Canada Day)101_8330

And while the tent trailer was being emptied and aired out the kids played and enjoyed the sunshine (and the new place to hang out) together.101_8336

The yard is so beautiful in the summer.101_8333

Which all led to spontaneous lawn work!!! The kids did an amazing job.101_8337 101_8338 101_8341 101_8342

Eventually back into the pool.101_8343

Or in Echo’s case, begging Baba to NOT spray her… which in Echo world means SPRAY ME NOW PLEASE!!!!!101_8348 101_8346

We spent much of Wednesday (9th) out in the sun. Stitching cat toys while the kids played in the pool.101_8350

101_8351Throw in a little fanfiction…101_8352

And an open tent trailer and we really didn’t see the necessity to come in and do practical learning. Sometimes learning to share and cooperate and enjoy the world around us is even better!101_8353 101_8355 101_8357 101_8360

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