Saying Good-Bye to Gabbi and Zachary

July 30-31

With 2 days until we say good bye to the cousins it was the best choice to have a final half day for the week with the kids on the 30th… And then embrace the cousin time!101_8863 101_8865

On my suggestion on the 31st we packed up EVERYONE and headed to our now favourite beach. One last dip in the lakes for the cousins before they head to the coast. Not to mention a perfect opportunity for an outing (on a budget) with all 7 kids for Nana ans Baba. Not the warm beaches of Mexico but the kids had a blast.101_8868

101_8871101_8880We packed a picnic lunch… Lots of towels and toys and made much of the day of it!101_8875 101_8877

I even got some crafting in!101_8869

Gabbi and Nana even caught a fish!!!!101_8887

With so much outside time they all settled into computers and fun inside.101_8889 101_8890

We also were able to gift Zachary and Gabbi with a very special scrapbook the kids made up for them. Each page full of memories and special messages. And that was that.101_8891 101_8852 101_8853 101_8854 101_8855 101_8856 101_8857 101_8858 101_8859 101_8860 101_8861 101_8862

Time for the kids to say good bye. Where did the month go??? I can report quite happily that after over 4 days they and their cats successfully made it to Florida in one piece! We shall certainly miss their company! But we wish them the best!101_8872 101_8874 101_8881 101_8883 101_8885

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