Off to the Zoo

September 1-2

It took us multiple tries to get to the zoo… we totally misjudged a holiday Monday AND a fair which left the parking lot so packed we simply did not have the patience to hunt down a rather elusive parking spot even further from the entrance. Como may not be the biggest zoo in the state but as the “free” zoo there are more than a few draws to have people come out in droves to visit. Our final aborted attempt led us to a park instead.101_9410 101_9412 101_9414 101_9415 101_9419 IMG_4079

Miss Echo squeaked in some school time… working on her name for Gammie. 101_9420

BUT we made it on the 2nd. This was Karyn’s first trip to the Como Zoo. We didn’t see everything but we had a blast.101_9425

It was the perfect day for flowers AND animals…101_9424 101_9426 101_9427 101_9428

There was an amazing art display all carved out of wood.101_9429 101_9430 101_9431 IMG_4095

We did another plastic mold. This is our third… we now have a seal, a gorilla and now a bear from the polar bear area.101_9469 101_9470 101_9472 101_9477

I have to say the best animal of all was an accidental one – a very courageous chipmunk. He did everything but stop for a pet… running by our shoes… picking up a nut right near us. What an unexpected snack time supplement.IMG_4156 101_9481

Two of the lions were indoors and rather restless, waiting on their dinner. Echo was VERY unsure of the experience. The enclosures are rather old school and there was only thick glass between us and the lions.101_9483 101_9487

There was a couple of educational opportunities (more than just the ever helpful signs by the animals) with little booths that had helpful guides who could tell us all about the animal they were parked across from. The giraffe set up was very interesting.101_9499 101_9498 IMG_4177

I have to say, Karyn being here once again has been an amazing gift! Even better… we had an overnight trip to… of all places… Wisconsin! Of course, that will be a blog entry (or two) all its own. Lots of pictures! But until then, zoo overflow!IMG_4197 101_9508 IMG_4191 IMG_4184

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  1. Looks like everyone had a great time – especially with your friend! I love the last pic of Ken and Echo!

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