The Woodshed Mystery… A Boxcar Children Book

Back to our little book club of 2 and the reviews we come up with together.

We have made it to book 7 of the Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner: The Woodshed Mystery. I have to say from a strictly entertainment value review, this is the best book of the series. There are multiple mysteries, interesting new characters and some background/history on the beloved Aunt Jane unearthed.

I also found it interesting that the author had the children grow up some as well… they have progressed in age and grade and even attitudes. It is even more apparent in this book that we are required to read the previous books in order to truly understand who is involved.

I love how dated these are. There are no cellphones, no internet… the mysteries are solved by hard work, talking to the neighbours and coming to careful conclusions. It was a wonderful read and fun to share with my fellow book club member.

And now for Gavin’s impressions beware of potential spoilers!

I loved the mystery in this one because it was very interesting. They solved 3 or 4 mysteries this time! They have meet a lot of friends in these books and some that they thought were dead! I think the dog should be in everything more. I think this is the best bet yet in the series. It is a good story to read to children and homeschooling kids would like it. I want to read the whole series, maybe. There are a lot of books!

And there you have it, another Boxcar Children book borrowed from the library and thoroughly enjoyed! Again, be forewarned, READ THEM IN ORDER! That is the only way to be in the know when past events are recalled or people. A light afternoon read for myself or an intriguing mystery for Gavin, we both truly enjoyed this story.9780833548955_p0_v1_s260x420

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