Bunnicula… a book review

A new series and a new reading partner with this one… Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe was added to our summer reading program (with the rest of the original Bunnicula books) thanks to Gammie. She has enriched our summer learning beyond belief and we are so very very thankful! 

This is a young readers book, but as an adult I had an absolute blast reading it. To get the full experience of the book you MUST read the Editor’s Note first. (and the author write up at the end where you read about how his wife helped with the creation of this series but has since passed away) The main characters are all entertaining animals… pets actually, and their human family entertaining as well. 

This is definitely a great book for all ages. I would think my girls would enjoy it as well, though so far it feels more geared to my sons’ interests (what with the children of the family being all boys). There is a good giggle or two in there, an adventure and the potential of a new friend/permanent family member…

Is Bunnicula more than just a rabbit with unusual markings and features or are we looking at a case of mistaken identity??? Do check this book out if you get the chance! But don’t take my word for it… ask Zander! (beware of spoilers)

Zander: I like Harold because he is so smart. Harold is the dog. I like the story because it was full mystery. I think Bunnicula was the cutest thing. I think the ending was funny (there was a funny part at the end). I think anyone who knows how to read should read this book. I want to read the whole series because I like how it is full of mystery and funny parts. Not a ton of books have a lot of funny parts in them. 

And that is what he said… so check out Bunnicula and the books that follow RIGHT NOW! 515MBTEMKYL

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