The Accidental Demon Slayer… a book review

And now I flip from light romantic library finds to… demon slaying girls with small yappy dogs as pets? In my defense, it was a free book on my Kindle and I do like to vary my reading. So, The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox. You do jump all in on the action with the main character Lizzie ready for a safe 30 th birthday celebration with a potential boyfriend before Grandma rolls in on her motorbike yelling about demons and going on the run.

The basic premise is that Lizzie has inherited the ability to slay demons from her mother who ran off when she was a baby. Lizzie is then raised by her rather stuffy adopted parents until Grandma shows up. On her birthday her slaying powers are awakened and suddenly her small yappy dog (Jack Russell terrier) Pirate can talk to her and her life is full or biker witches, a thoroughly attractive griffin turned man named Dimitri and a big bad demon out for her powers and potentially her soul.

There are a laundry list of spells (hilarious… who wouldn’t want to run into a tickle spell?) and monsters that go bump in the night in this book as well as romance, a mystery and adventure. I think my only meh moment was the sexual encounter. Though I must give the author credit, there was a reason things happened the way they did and it is soon after that you realize the greater story. BUT I do love a main character who sticks to her guns and holds strong until the end. 

One of the huge pluses for this book is the absolutely unique characters. I have not read a story with a coven on the run of witches who enjoy biker bars and hard living. And the names – Ant Eater, Scarlet… the witches of the Red Skull. 

So a contemporary romance which is first and foremost supernatural with mystery and adventure. I would say this is a mature reader book with the blatant violence and romance, but it is fun. I don’t know how hard I will hunt for the rest of the series but I will definitely read the next one if I fall across it. It is a fun read. Check out how the prim and proper preschool teacher becomes a butt kicking demon slayer with the Accidental Demon Slayer Series! the-accidental-demon-slayer

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