Visiting Santa!


IMAG1506We have a Christmas tradition that was started here in Minnesota… every year we head to the big Macy’s in the cities and see the ElvesĀ Village and then visit Santa. The display has not changed much in the past years BUT the kids always find something new to spot in it. This year it was kitties. We think some were new to the year but additionally the kids really hadn’t noticed them in the past.


DSCN1317DSCN1319Extra special treat, after missing last year THIS year Baba was able to take the time off work and join us there. So we had lots of photo opportunities and fun with BOTH grandparents!IMAG1524

Can you spot the sleeping kitty?

Can you spot the sleeping kitty?

IMAG1510I have to say our Santa is lovely. The kids had a great time talking with him, getting their Macy’s I saw Santa pins. Nana even treated them to Christmas themed candy! YUM!IMAG1523

IMAG1516Of course, we chose the personality rich Santa picture. At least this year the photo elf got it. In past years they seemed confused why we wouldn’t want the more “perfect” photo. And yes, I am aware that if you look back at LAST year’s picture the boys are wearing the same sweaters… what can I say, dressy clothes are at a premium here for the males in our family. Now the girls, dresses for days.IMAG1534

IMAG1532Anyway, great family experience… another tradition checked off our list!DSCN1325

Leaving notes for Santa

Leaving notes for Santa













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