Montana Cowboy… a book review

What in the world is up with my random picks? Cowboy after cowboy, though Phoebe’s Groom was more small town over cowboy (even though the cover of that one said A Cowboy for Every Mood). Well, Jillian Hart did another wonderful job with Montana Cowboy. In fact, my favourite aspect of this story was the idea of the right person at  the wrong time. And how what seems to be the wrong time can BECOME the right one…

Again we are back with the internet as a facilitator for love. This time through a chat group that is a book club called Good Reads. Honor is a teacher without a long term job and a self proclaimed California girl. She has travelled to Montana to get away from a bad break up and a family who simply does not understand her long term life goals or deep faith. This move has her temporarily only 2 hours away from a good friend on Good Reads, also single and very Christian Luke McKaslin from the McKaslin clan (a family author Jillian Hart returns to from time to time). Her timing is perfect to drive the two hours and make it in time for a McKaslin wedding and the beginnings of an even deeper friendship with Luke and his extended family. 

There is lots of travelling with these two, and lots of deep introspection as to where they want to be in their love life and literal physical location. I really enjoyed the careful consideration these two took as they transformed their friendship into something more AS WELL AS the fact that they actually knew each other on some level before they met in person and this romance began. A back story that was not a second chance relationship… love it!51-mm3PKf+L._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_

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