The Lawman’s Honor… a book review

We are currently in the middle of a rather massive reorganization but that hasn’t stopped me from my random library reading. This week among the boxes and chaos I grabbed enough time to read The Lawman’s Honor by Linda Goodnight (I admit it, 50% back of the book, 50% her awesome last name). This is apparently part of a series – Whisper Falls, the place the book is also based in. 

Of course we have our lawman – Heath Monroe, a Fed who is now taking an easier post at a police station in small town Whisper Falls. In honour of his father’s legacy (an amazing police officer who died in the line of duty), he has tied his entire being into upholding the law.

The love interest… small town beautician and widow Cassie Blackwell who literally saves his life when on the way to Whisper Falls the weather and a sharp curve send him hurtling off the road. 

This is all complicated by the unearthing of a link to drugs and Cassie’s deceased husband. Heath is determined not only to solve the case but to determine if Cassie was involved. Neither are simple and the relationship between the two becomes muddied and complex.

What I enjoyed about this book is that neither person needs a boost or support in faith. Their belief systems are strong, it is their relationship skills that require help. This book has a definite mystery, a strong romantic element and even a baby in the mix (neither of theirs, Cassie’s brother and sister in law). 

The Lawman’s Honor is a lovely read, definitely in a slightly different direction than other Love Inspired books, but faith is still there as is truth, justice and love. So check it out! 18467925._UY475_SS475_

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