Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children… Graphic Novel… A Book Review

Well, when the opportunity presents itself in the form of a graphic novel, well it is well worth revisiting a book that was so enjoyable in its original (rather quirky) form. So of course I had to request the graphic novel version of Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It was more than enjoyable with a few differences from the original that I will warn right now could be SPOILERS for said original (and this version as well). So proceed at your own risk!

Some of the pictures that were used in the original are cropped slightly and definitely not sitting on pages all alone, I found this did lesson their impact. BUT on the flip side, I absolutely LOVED the way the artist (Cassandra Jean) drew the main character Jacob. The way she drew his eyes and his demeanor really embraced the emotional stress he was under, the feeling of imminent danger and unrest is palpable. 

I love the colour palate the artist chose, and her use of it in a situation specific manner (man is it difficult to talk about a graphic novel and not spill too much information). I will say there is less background on the characters shared and a few characters are completely written out… the friend, the “normal” is not mentioned in any detail, the family history and the chain of drugstores Jacob’s mother is to inherit only barely touched upon. This does not take away from the story in a grand sense, but for someone who enjoys the minute details… definitely read the original first. 

I think  you could read the graphic novel and feel you really understood and enjoyed the story, but my own preference would be to read the original and then enjoy the graphic novel for its images more than its story content. This does put my back up further against watching the movie. Tim Burton or not, the original story is AMAZING and I don’t wish to be disappointed. 

Sadly I do not have the second graphic novel available through the library yet… but I will keep an eye peeled. Hollow City was an amazing read and I have Library of Souls on hold request at the library. So do check back for my further impressions! collage

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