Talking Pictures… a Book Review

Well, after Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children book and graphic novel AND Hollow City I figured I would go ahead and put in a request at the library for Ransom Riggs’ photo book – Talking Picture – Images and Messages Rescued From the Past. Definitely worth a look and a borrow from the library.

This over 300 page book is full of varied photographs and commentary from Ransom Riggs. All the photos are black and white or sepia prints though some of the notations made on them are in colour ink. All original to the pictures. The most touching and heart rending portion of this book is under the title Janet Lee. This series of pictures and the notations on the back tell a story worth seeing. (I won’t explain more, you will have to look for yourself)

While I doubt I will purchase a copy of this book for myself, I could definitely see re requesting it from our public library. Ransom Riggs has a real talent for choosing photos that not only tell a story but draw you in, make you wonder and make and impression on  you.

I suddenly have an urge to dig out the photos I rescued from the family albums when my parents dispersed them between us all and put them away properly. In fact, this is my summer goal (since I need to purchase books for them and hope like mad they are still stored in some sort of order!). One more bucket to unearth, sort and prepare and fingers crossed they are still in relative order!

What this book does is make you think about those photos you see at the rummage sales, the old images someone simply scans and puts up on the internet. So many stories, so many events we now have to imagine and guess at. But there is some worth in not knowing, in creating our own narrative. In loving them for whole new reasons unique to ourselves and our view of them as past images. Be sure to check this book out if you enjoy a glimpse of the past from a rather unique viewpoint!16528755968_dd264b98f3

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