Slipping Back to September

When I started this blog it was with a commitment to keep it going through thick and thin… There have been a few varations on posting… Once in a while when the kids were wee… daily sharing when the homeschool life was new and fresh… month chunks at the end of the month… and now, a full on battle to chase myself back to current. I have actually found great joy in reflecting on these months long gone. It is amazing to see, now removed, how highly productive and honestly HAPPY we were back in times when I was SURE we had accomplished so very little. DSCN1119

September was a busy month. We finished up our visit with Jeff that overlapped a day with Sean.

Learning a little TaeKwonDo

Learning a little TaeKwonDo

IMAG0706Which at the same time had Ken, myself, Shandai and Ravyn at the Renaissance Festival.DSCN0986

DSCN0990DSCN0993DSCN0995Of course since we had Sean down we had to go do fun things… a trip to the Minnesota Historical Society… where we apparently took way too many pictures. But the temporary Hmong exhibit was amazing! DSCN1107

DSCN1024DSCN1067DSCN1096DSCN1104Plenty of fun times at home (of course with computers included).DSCN1133

The weather was absolutely lovely so plenty of time was spent outside in the pool…

DSCN1135At the park…DSCN1141

We even squeezed in some school time.

Wild Kratta

Wild Kratta




Ken won beer for a year… FROM OUR CHURCH!IMAG0803We started a new year of schooling… well tried out some new ideas and photographed our one and only stating of a grade level that we do each year!IMAG0651

We even started up in scouts again!DSCN1148

Be sure to check the overflow link… I took so many pictures of the festival and the museum. It is such a waste NOT to share them HERE.IMAG0798

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