Busy Busy Fingers

Everyone has their coping mechanism, their safe place and quiet moments. Mine are all tied around productivity. Before all of my yarn infatuation I was a cross stitch girl. Now I am fully immersed in the world of yarn. Crochet has become not only a challenge but a safe haven. I am not highly skilled in design and absolutely adore a good pattern and that is something that the internet has in spades with crochet.

This year is my second year entering into the local county fair. I have worked hard all year to try and make a wide variety of pieces, and after the fair I want to put many up for sale or gift them. I have had to pull down most of my Etsy store sadly as it was costing more than it was bringing in, but my plan is to revitalize my Facebook site and get a move no making things. If nothing else I am going to have a bucket of gifts for almost any occasion (maybe I already do!).

Anyway… onto the creativity. I am just going to give quick glimpses of a few of my fair pieces… wish me luck!20160720_214644

Mid wet blocking

Mid wet blocking





And my current quiet time work in progress…IMG_20160724_160730

3 thoughts on “Busy Busy Fingers

  1. Lisa, it looks like you;re going to have some beautiful pieces for the fair – good luck!

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