Resolutions Vs Change

I have to admit it, I don’t make resolutions. Don’t believe in them. What makes the 1st of January the do all and be all for change? Arbitrary date really. Besides that, how many people can say they follow the resolution through to the end? Do you spend a full year determined, set and committed to something you state out loud on the first of the year?

No, I don’t make resolutions. Rather, I make changes. And they are not set on the 1st of the year, of the month. When you come up to a roadblock of efficiency or health it is time to sort that out. Last year in the summer it was to be at the YMCA AT LEAST 4 times a week. Look at me, over 6 months later and I practically live at the place!

Earlier this month I decided it was time to branch out on my crafting again. Pull out the cross stitch. And here I am 2 weeks later alternating. Finishing projects long ignored. My track record is my own, but it is a change not a resolution. I have made the other crafts more accessible. Remind myself often that I need to do this. And BANG change is going on.

Not tying these decisions to the word RESOLUTION or a specific start date makes me feel more committed. I don’t get to slough it off because no one keeps to a resolution. Add in posting my progress on a social medium like Instagram and I feel a bit more accountability. I do this with my gym time. I am sure no one else really cares about those pictures of my miles and calories and silly coloured yoga pants, but I am committed to putting it out there. It feels more important.

Really I think once you label something with a finite title like – “New Year’s Resolution” you limit its strength. I am not trying to make a year long pact, rather a life long change. So why not pick a random day and change something? Add in an activity, make a chore more readily done, try something new… it could be worth it!IMG_20161109_152736

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