A New Baby in the House

So many things to catch everyone up on, but first time to introduce the newest Reinsch-Johnson to join the family… Momo the Destroyer, informally known as Momo or simply Mo.20180615_213945


Born April 13, 2018, Momo was previously known as Lucy and one of 3 adorable surrendered kittens. She was rescued by the group Angel of Hope. We got her at 9 weeks old and she is a purring, snuggly ball of love.IMG_20180616_205638_685


We have wanted a new cat since we had to say good bye to my beloved kitty Griswald who could not handle the twins at the crawling stage in his senior years and had to be re-homed with an elderly couple. This is a kitten who can really keep up with the kids, though we are gradually introducing her to the house and the existence of our original fluffy addition – Neko-Chan, formally known now as Neko-Chan the Fluffy Overlord.20180615_221319

Gavin (Zander took a day or so to warm up to her)

Gavin (Zander took a day or so to warm up to her)

On our way home to surprise the kids we also stopped by and surprised Chris and Renee, they got first snuggle and pet with our new family member and she got to meet their youngest cat – Mystro (who is one of my favorite cats to photograph). 20180615_212612


So watch the cascade of adorable kitten pictures as I gush and fall deeper in love with our new baby! No apologies here.20180616_001223


3 thoughts on “A New Baby in the House

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  2. Your newest family member is too precious!!I’m in the process of “home training” a litter of kittens from a cat that found us in our garage! She was very pregnant and a very sweet, and gentle cat I took her in cleaned her up went through the attitude thing with my adults for about a week!! Soon after she delivered under my bed!!!!

  3. That is so amazing! Momo fits in super well in the house. She retreats to her cat carrier when she wants kid free time.

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