The Reflection on My 30 Days

And of course, I had to reflect on my over all reflection. I was asked what made me begin this journey, what book (if any) I used, well that answer is… no book, just a wish to better understand myself so I stop feeling so guilty, tired and or pulled in all directions. It was fun, it was hard, and it was eye opening. Thank you for reading along. Feel free to share with me what you thought. I would love to hear it. Anyway… (Post 1 HERE Post 2 HERE)

A reflection on my 30 day reflection.

I have learned a lot about myself the past 30 days, and like listening at key holes it was not all nice to hear.

I allow myself little leeway when it comes to productivity. Stillness is laziness, idle hands unheard off. While being productive is good, so is being still.

Naps are good… Guilt is ridiculous when you are taking the time to regroup and re-energize. As long as you aren’t sleeping every day away… Who doesn’t love a nap?

I have untapped potential that I really should tap. We all do really! Maybe some boundary stretching is in order.

I fear, I am anxious, I am over done, I am also happy, content, connected and secure. I am all sorts of opposing things… Isn’t it grand?

My days are full of ups and downs, it is ok to be a little down or even a lot, as long as I keep looking for the up. And ask for help and support when I can’t find it myself.

And most of all… I am lucky. In part due to circumstances beyond my control, but also in my choices, my community and my love.

How about you? Has my journey brought you any new thoughts? I hope I at least entertained!

Here I am with all my faults. But here I also am an amazing and unique person who has the potential to ever be more than I was yesterday. And I love it!!IMG_20181103_195051_914


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