A Full Year of Yoga

NOTE: my move from a regular phone to the iPhone has caused Ken to throw his hands up and swear while trying to resize pics. Add to that life in the fast lane with these 5 kids and I am BEHIND. BUT here we go. One full year of daily yoga hit mid March. WOO! I did that! 

A year of yoga, what a rush to actually complete my first commitment to a new practice. Here is what I posted on Instagram:

Last night marked the end of my first full year of yoga and the start of my second. I haven’t become extremely “bendy” or found the secret to life. But I have found a greater measure of inner peace and am well on my way to regaining some of my long lost flexibility. My yoga area isn’t fancy, my partner often buggers off and has scratched my mat midst stretch/play, and my heels still don’t touch in downward facing dog. BUT thanks to Yoga With Adriene and #fwfg I am living my best life one day at a time. So one year down, a lifetime to go! #yogawithadriene Find What Feels Good!!!IMG_1251

So now I have made a positive life pattern change. Yoga isn’t always 30 min of warriors and cobras and balancing. Sometimes it is 10 min of meditation or a 5 min pick me up. But ever single day I carve out that time and make it my own. I do this for me, for my mental and physical well being.

I made a commitment to myself and I followed through. This wasn’t made on New Years or any special day. I picked up a mat and I found a video and my life began with a new healthier pattern. It doesn’t have to take much. Just commitment and a willingness to fall over or not quite make that pose. Sometimes I laugh at myself, sometimes I feel pride at the grace I can show. It is good, I am growing and my life is always changing. I am simply living my best life one day at a time.IMG_1250


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