Jumping Kangaroos

Home safe and sound. Poor Zander was so upset that they knocked him out with gas BEFORE they gave him the IV and when he woke up he refused to even sit down for the nurses – he screamed and fussed until Ken got in there. Poor little man was off kilter for the rest of the day. When we got home everyone except me (of course) got a nice nap – I had to stay up with Emanuel who was fussy after so long in the carseat off and on. Early to bed tonight for the twins.
We did make it to Toys’R’Us and got the Jumperoo, a backpack carrier that does hip and chest and some more clothes for Emanuel. Pricey but we so rarely need to buy him big ticket items. We put him in the Jumperoo – a little big but so cute to see him in and he seems to like it.
I did not find any shorts at Old Navy – most of what they had just did not appeal to me. I did find a pair of khakis with a design down one leg and a nice blue tank top. We even made it to the craft stre Michaels where I ran in and got some paper for my scrapbook.
It is good to be home… and the weekend creeping up. Hopefully we will have some pleasant weather so we can get out walking and try out that new carrier. It carries from 7-35 lbs so we can even use if for the boys!

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