Ok so it is not quite June yet but WOW May is basically over… change in month, change in site background and text colour. I am 24 days from turning 27… Our 5th Anniversary is on the 16th and the 11th is Emanuel’s baptism! Add to that Father’s Day and my step-mom’s birthday and the month is looking full. I don’t think we will really celebrate the twins’ baptism birthday which is also this month this year. Next year though.
Oh – I did agree to be on the music committee at church. It will meet once a month or less in the fall on… by then Emanuel should be fine to stay with Ken, or if we meet at the church he can take all the kids to the nursery and they can play. Something for ME though – no kids and still related to my faith. Less of a responcibility than the worship committee but still something I love – music. Ken is going to be on the communication committee also – not sure what that is all about but it does not meet too too often either. All very reasonable for us.
May into June … YIKES
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