Air Conditioning – Luxury or Necessity ??

Today has been a bit of a scorcher. It is late afternoon and still 27 degrees celcius. Poor kids are not having an easy time of it. We have fans in the main living area but have not yet put something in the twins’ room. They are on a shaded size but once you close that door for naptime it heats up. Today it took them forever to settle down for their nap, and to make things worse when it sounded like they were about down for the count there was a loud altercation upstairs… the joys of apartment living.
We are DEFINATELY getting the van fixed. Driving on Saturday it became rather clear to Ken and myself that it is a necessity with kids in the van. Ok so I give Minnesota a plus mark on the move/not move list – in Minnesota it is common practice to have Air Conditioning… not so in this area. In fact Ken’s folks keep the place so cool that I have worn a sweater in the middle of summer when hanging out in the basement.
With June drawing to a close I am now working with Ken to plan July and August… we still want to make a trip to the Calgary zoo, Isabella’s birthday party is on the first, the twins’ 2 1/2 birthday party must be planned in August and at the end of August we are expecting a visit from Ken’s parents. I am now in the process of taking over the running of our local twin group (the woman in charge of the indoor playground called me today to get my information), hopefully we can drum up some more interest in the fall. So much for a "real trip" away from home this year. With a baby and 2 toddlers the idea of a long stay away from home is far from pleasant. Perhaps next year – depending on what future plans we make for our 3rd and final pregnancy. I am still holding out hope for my trip to South Carolina.
Now to figure out what all Ken needs to pack to go to Montreal and what we need here at home to make life as simple as possible. Hopefully we will have our fridge fixed or replaced before he leaves the night of the 2nd.

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