So Hot hot hot hot HOT

We hit 30 celcius today, the twins did not nap, the baby was restless and I swear I melted a pound off today! Oh for cooler rainy days. We were going to walk down to the pharmacy to get Zander’s anti-seizure medication but I don’t dare take the baby out in this, the baby carrier has too much fabric and the carseat is like a little oven. Hopefully this heat wave will not last more. Not that I want it to freeze, but hey low 20’s sounds TERRIFIC to me.
It is official – we are getting a new ‘fridge this week YIPEE… hopefully not another lime green number to match the stove UGH. I have to clean off the top of it tonight in preparation. Apparently we can just switch the food from one to the other when they deliver.
Ken worked way late last night and is already late to tonight. He is bringing home supper again tonight since it is too hot to even concider turning on the stove. The new fan we got for the twins’ room – a tall upright has a digital temperature guage and even with the fan running it says their room is 29 celcius… but you can feel the difference and the fan itself is far enough back in the setup that they kids cannot get to it.
I am a wee bit sad – tonight we are putting away the bassinet and bringing out the playpen for Emanuel to nap in in the livingroom. Everytime he moves in the bassinet it moves and often jars him awake. My baby is getting so big.
We are working on our zoo plans… but first – Saturday is Isabella’s first birthday party! Hopefully it will be a little cooler.

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