A Quote To Remember…?

I had a really good quote come my way through email:
I must say, I hate money, but it’s the lack of it that I hate most.
—writer Katherine Mansfield
Is that not the truth. Money truly is a thorn the side of MOST people. I know Ken and I have to deal with a lack of it constantly.
Today is going better than yesterday though I am really ready for a nap. Hopefully I will be fine by next weekend when we have to do family pictures. No guarantees we will get 3 little smiles on those.
Wow not much to say – Karyn came and visited us yesterday, the twins are almost over their colds and Emanuel kept us up most of the night again last night. Tomorrow we have to do all the cleaning being sick and dealing with all the news since I have been gone has left undone. Ken is having his party Saturday which I think I mentioned. He turns 29 on the 23rd!
Now that Ken is home I can get that nap in YAY!

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