The costume my mom made for Emanuel is way way way too big. It is cute but we are planning to save it until next year AT LEAST. So I called around town today – man I should have picked up one of the many costumes I saw in South Carolina ARGH lol… but I did manage to chase down a costume that Ken has picked up! $5.00 – who can quibble ?? So what is Emanuel going to be………. wait and see hehe.
The weekend is finally here – Ken and I are looking at alot of cleaning to catch up on still since I have been ill all week. So much laundry!!!
Hard to believe next month Emanuel is 9 months old!!! Christmas is right around the corner. Yikes … I really have to corner Ken and get our decisions made about what we are going to do giftwise. I think we are going to get the twins scooters. They are affordable and the boys loved them when they tried them out and about with my mom. I do believe in order to get ones that are 20.00 each we need to shop online. I know that we are going to get Emanuel his big walking toy next month – early and so give him some smaller toys to open at Christmas. Add to that his birthday for which I am searching for the right party set (I will post links to the ones I am chosing between another day)… I really want to get the next few big events planned out so I can just relax over the holidays – YAH RIGHT!

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