Working Our Way to Halloween

Halloween is only a week away. Where did summer go? When we go to the city I have to get the pages I need for scrapbooking my trip for Emanuel as well as we hope to stop by Ikea to look at a toybox for Emanuel and maybe some under the crib storage.
Last weekend went very well. Ken had a great time and on Monday I had a red rose delivered to his office from me and the boy. It was funny I told him the week before I could not get the address so was unable to do it, but when I called the florist I was able to explain where he works and get it done. He loved it.
We were going to order scooters for the twins for Christmas but missed the half off sale at Toys’R’Us so we are looking at giant building blocks instead. Emanuel is getting his big gift early as he really needs a walking toy sooner than December. Still we will get him a bunch of little things.
Wow I really do not have much to say today… head cold is improving if I could just ditch the stuffed nose and persistant cough.

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