Traveling Circus Goes to the City…

Have you ever had a situation where there is a crossroad where either answer can be both good and bad? Where you have no idea what to wish or pray for?? I feel like that is where I am at right now.. so what can I do but pray for God to help us toward the decision of the greater good for my family in the long run… right?
I remember being in highschool, dealing with my parent’s divorce and then having to move in with my mom thinking geeze life must be simpler when you are an adult… when decisions are your own and not made between your parents… HA HA… now *I* am the parent and the one with the choices to make. I thank God every day that I am not alone in that. Ken is a rock in situations where I feel like I am about to be blown away, he is alot less emotional than I am… rational and logical. Thank goodness!
We spent today in the city… we had a lovely visit with the Den Otters… Isabella is growing up so quickly and Alan’s sister Rachel and her husband Darren were there visiting – she is pregnant with their first! It was really a nice visit though the weather was terribly cold… -22 celcius….Brrrrrr
Ken is at his second shift at his night job at Superstore. Another 11-3. Not too bad – some manual labour… no uniform and best of all he does not have to deal with people. LOL His first shift was last night so we was a little tired today and tomorrow we most likely will not be at church but the money will be nice. He works Friday, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights all 11-3. Not our first choice but it will get us caught up.
Hmm it is midnight now and the kids are asleep, I really should truck off that way too… tomorrow we are dropping the twins off at my mom’s instead of a nap (so early to bed for them) to get some cleaning done and a little shopping. We also have to start making our Christmas cookies. So much to do and so little time.

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