It Never Snows it Storms!

It did not seem appropriate to say it never rains it pours LOL. I got a call from the government today – Child Tax I think, long story short I am STILL dealing with this error on our form from February. They still think we owe $670.00 and are now saying it is cuz Ken and I both got paternity/maternity leave at the same time for a couple months which was not allowed??? Funny thing – I did not fill out the forms – we went to a GOVERNMENT office and had them do it for us. We know we did not go over our weeks and as it was explained to us it was not WHEN you took the time but how many weeks in total. JOY… the woman even told me NOT to call my MLA as it will not do any good – so guess what was the first thing I did after I called my mom to see if she had any advice – called my MLA. The lady in the office I talked to there I think was the one I called when this big mess started 9 months ago. She said it sounded wrong to her – that we can take them at the same time, so she is going to look into it for me. Ken is going to go back to the office we had fill out the forms in 2003/4 and talk to them and I called the payment people to see if I can negotiate lower payments. Don’t get me wrong – if we do owe the money I want to pay it back, but I was told all along NOT to pay any. And they have records of me calling over and over again at all of these offices. The people at the payment number are really nice and not actually EI. Very understanding, the woman in charge of my file is gone until Wednesday next week so I am to call back then and try and get, if nothing else, a lower payment set up than almost $300.00… poor Ken is going to be working this second job forever!
On a happier note – Ken’s supervisors have suggested he run their pc parts online store for them. This is under their other company, and would bring in some added money! Something he can do from home at least. That does not mean he can give up Superstore but it will add to us getting caught up.
Last night Ken put up our twinkle lights in the livingroom. Multi coloured ones, the boys love them! They are strung all over the room. So now we need to put up the tree which is still in storage. It has been way too cold for us to go over there and get it. Hopefully this weekend though. Ken also has to take the cans and bottles into the depot.
Tonight we finished shopping for all of the kids except Emanuel – I want to get him one more small item. That leaves the more difficult couples/adults. But the end is in sight. I have 2 batches of cookie dough made up, to bake hopefully tomorrow, although I also have to make my potatoe baby food and some more applesauce. I would like to make extra to have in the freezer though I am not sure I have enough jars. I am using old babyfood jars and with the little amount of space here we did not keep a ton. I may have to find another way to get some small jars…
Ken works again tonight. Last night Emanuel gave me HUGE problems after he had gone. I think he is still a little off balance from Monday and being woken up and scared. Poor little man. So we are just trying to be as patient as possible and make sure he goes into that crib to sleep. He rolls way too much to sleep in our bed anyway.
Hmm other than that I really need to get my presents wrapped, the cards are basically done and ready to be sent. Now we just need to make some decisions about Christmas parties and travelling, I know that if the weather stays this horribly cold we will definately NOT be going to my mom’s family’s Christmas. It is an hour and a half away and I do not want us on the roads if they are this icy and cold. Since mom’s boyfriend is off that day she has offered to just take the twins but if the roads are iffy I am not even going to do that! The joys of a real Alberta winter…

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