We Wish You a Merry Christmas…

I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, & tangled Christmas tree lights!
—writer Maya Angelou
Christmas and Boxing Day have come and gone and the kids are many toys richer for it. We spent the morning/early afternoon today over at my mom’s where the twins went through their presents and Emanuel’s and even some of Ken and mine like a tornado. We had appetizers galore for lunch and then the boys went upstairs to play for a while. When we got home there were some arguments about naptime but the boys settled down extremely quickly and then Ken and I followed suit.
Christmas was a total overload for the twins. They actually did very well with only a couple of meltdowns when they were told to stop grabbing presents from under the tree or that they were not allowed to open gifts not for them. When they opened their big trainset there was actual audible WOW’s that I got on video. We did a bunch of 1 min videos on our camera that I will have to get Ken to post online. Emanuel never did figure out how to open a present but had great fun playing with the new stuff and crawling after his brothers. I won’t bore you all with a list of the many gifts the kids received but they were definately happy. I really do need to sit down and fill out my thank you cards this week.
We had a ham dinner, the ham was a type we had not had before and honestly did not overly enjoy but the veggies and such were wonderful. For desert Ken and I had chocolate pudding with cool whip and raspberries mmm. Tonight Ken is making parmesan chesse covered chicken for supper and tomorrow my mom takes the boys but this time right after nap (it is her last day off for the holidays) so Ken and I can go out when it is still light out and do some shopping and maybe even have a nice dinner.
Ken did a great job picking out my gifts, among them a case for my iPod, an iDog, some books, and two computer games (Agatha Christie mystery novels based). Ken was definately surprised when I wrapped a Veggie Tales movie in a giant box. It has a green spine like an xbox game (which we do not have one of) so he was really confused until I brought out his real big gift – Heroscape. We have not tried playing it yet though he has been reading the instructions and checking out the pieces – there are tons of.
The twins are still overly wound up right now but we hope they will be back to normal soon. We all seem to have recovered from our upset stomachs – Gavin was so lucky to be spared and Emanuel is starting to sleep normally though is still wanting to breastfeed way too often at night – more of a big ol’ pacifier than meal at that point. Hopefully he will be back to his old 4-5 hour schedule before Ken is back to work next week. So far we do not have any plan for the rest of the week and New Years looks like we will just be home quietly celebrating while our kids are safe and sound in their beds.
Tomorrow we need to go and pick up a piece of plywood to put the twins’ new Duplo block Thomas the Tank Engine train set on. The carpet is just too soft. I am thinking the trainset will take the place of the tree and the twins’ slide will stay in storage for a while longer. Add to that the fact we are going to have to put the twins into toddler beds in the near future which means moving the toys OUT of their room and moving to a bigger place is becoming a near future necessity. The joys of a growing family.
Well Ken is to start supper as soon as he is back with new eggs (we are throwing out anything we made that meal Saturday night with that was fresh – eggs, chicken) so I should get to work tidying the mess that is Christmas toys. Here are a couple of pictures… I hope to start a little Christmas Album of the best here.

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