Life After Christmas

Ever since Eve gave Adam the apple, there has been a misunderstanding between the sexes about gifts.
—writer Nan Robertson
We spent a rather enjoyable evening out with Sharon and Darryl first for dinner at the "noodle house" and then back to our place for a friendly visit. We left the twins with my mom and took Emanuel out with us. Sharon and Darryl were able to get a sitter for their two so supper was rather relaxing.
We did our weekly shopping – groceries, stopping in at Totem to price out a board for the twins’ train, even stopping at Staples to try and exchange my defective pc game. For once I remembered to take in my afghan pattern to photocopy it again for the outlining. I really need to sit down and work out what I have outlined and what I can do before I spend the big bucks on the specialty threads I need to finish it up. We still need to go to Walmart sometime this week and get Ken new runner, jeans and FINALLY socks. I hate it when he has holes in his socks.
We are slowly moving back towards normal with the twins and their schedule. Emanuel even seems to be settling down. He tried his very first puffed wheat today – it was not a huge hit. I also picked up a soft straw sippy cup for him when he gets a little bigger to start on water. Breastfeeding is still going VERY well thank goodness.
Now we have to start taking down the Christmas ornaments. Mom already had her tree down today – much to Gavin’s dismay! I think we will start with the lights strung around the room and then work our way through the small items. The tree I would like to leave up until after New Years since the twins love it so and the stuff in their room will have to go down when they are not here since it will cause a big stink. Obsessive little buggers.
We are still working on New Years plans, my mom is not sure what she is doing which means we are not sure if we will have all 3 kids to deal with or not. That and I have not heard back from Karyn yet. New Years is just not that big of a thing for us anymore… are we getting that old? or is it mature?
We did get our livingroom cleaned up today, now I need to light a fire under Ken about the bedroom. That is the hardest to clean since Emanuel sleeps there and it is right next to the twins’ room so you have to find time when the twins are dead asleep and Emanuel is awake but happy to play in one space. It does have to be done.
So much to do and Ken only has so many days left off… where does the time go???

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