First Steps Already!

It really feels like it was only yesterday that Emanuel was learning to crawl, instead yesterday he took his first steps! It was so cute… Ken was playing with him with a little yellow lamb getting him to stand on his own. He started to lose his balance and fall backwards and instead he took steps… BACKWARDS! That totally makes up for his never crawling backwards… it was just too cute. Then a little later he tried again and took a step forwards. Who said he was allowed to grow up???? So now I need to pick out a couple pictures from that day – one of his standing solo and do up his first steps page with this little story.
Today was the pj party at the library for our rhyming group. We had alot of fun. Emanuel wore one of his new two piece monkey pj’s and his little monkey slippers with the rattles in the toes. We made a mobile – ok *I* made a mobile and he watched. We also got another bookbag with some more books in it – always a good thing! Next week is our last meeting. Not sure what I will do with myself after it is over, we have really enjoyed our quiet time, alot less stressful than being out with the whole family and it has been good for the twins to have time with their daddy running errands.
I stopped off at the dollar store downtown and found the neatest cards… they have a piece in them like a photo album where you can slip in up to 8 pictures I think it is and stickers to put labels and such on them. I only picked up two, next time I stop in I am going to get more. After all who doesn’t like getting pictures in the mail ??? Tonight Ken and I have to make our Baptism Birthday cards for our Godkids and do up the last of Emanuel’s trip to SC in his scrapbook. We also need to chose which pictures we are going to print out for his birthday pages. That just leaves the Walmart prints and those are not supposed to get here until mid March. Darn reprints.
A rather quiet day today. We did rearrange the twins’ room – their cribs are now in an "L" shape. Hopefully this will help Emanuel’s nap times since neither of them are against our shared wall. We will have to wait and see…
Ken wants us to run an instance on WoW so I guess I had better post and run.

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