I won the battle yesterday, the twins napped – IN THEIR CRIBS! Course it took forever and quite a few trips back into their bedroom but only Zander got a spanking for sneaking toys into his crib and throwing them around the room. I am working on getting them NOT to climb in to play as when I told them to get out of their cribs they knocked over Emanuel. Poor little guy has not has a good few days… his brothers have not been careful and we think he has hit another one of his growth spurts… either that or there is a new tooth coming in though I cannot feel one.
I have resolved to decrease the yelling in his house. Ken needs to pin down whoever it is we need to contat to get that follow up appointment for the twins’ hearing. Maybe that is why we find ourselves shouting to get their attention… when our pediatrician saw them last he still saw fluid in the ears. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us not need tubes… I am thinking that Emanuel is so loud because the twins are loud and in turn WE are loud. So instead I am working on cultivating a stern tone of voice and working on my prescence being more authoritative instead of resulting to yelling. I have drastically decreased spankings by removing many of the toys that were causing arguments… they are done with their train leggos until after Wednesday.
The sun is out and it is STILL -21 Celcius. So we are housebound again today. I am trying blocking the kids into the livingroom for most of the morning so they play with the toys in here and then when I start thinking about planning lunch (11 ish) I let them all go into the bedroom. I have had to watch them more carefully in there, with all the twins’ climbing and rougher play Emanuel is just a little too eager to be safe. I am hoping once we can get outside this will all calm down. We are more than ready for spring in our little home.
In one of the twin egroups I am in we are discussing how to keep our kids safe. We were talking about abuse and I remembered a book that one of my college professors (who was an abuse survivor herself) would bring up when she did a talk for the Women’s Studies class – A Very Touching Book. I really want to get this book for the boys when they are 5 or more. It has you saying the real words for your private parts – penis, vagina… it discusses the difference between touches and appropriate behavior in a manner that younger children can understand.
Ok naptime today – well they stayed in their room… ha ha
We got a notice of rent increase in June (the second time in 6 months) and I have a horrible headache since this morning. The sound of keys typing is painful!
If you know of any Anime I could hunt down online PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know but I really must stop this typing…

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