Where Have I Been……No Where and Every Where

Wow I have not made and entry since THURSDAY! This brings the inevitable question – what has Lisa been up to? And the answer…. not too much? Let’s see… I have been working on getting the twins busy with more and more craft time – playdoh at the table while I play with the baby, scissors and paste, I bought paintbrushes and a plastic mat Friday.
In fact I DID do something – on Friday I put Emanuel in the backpack carrier and got it on my OWN back (no simple task mind you), plopped the twins in their double stroller and marched downtown. Much easier on my back I must say, though still, by the time I got to the dollar store I was calling my mom to see if we could hang out at the store she works at. I still had 20 min before Ken was off work and they were fixing the roof there so there was tar and the like out by the entrance. Emanuel really seemed to enjoy walking that way and the twins had a blast pointing at interesting things. My goal is to at first get out once a week with all three on my own, once a week with Ken and then once a week just me and Emanuel in the evening. Eventually out most everyday for some sort of activity.
On Saturday Ken and I packed up the kids and drove downtown to walk around. Emanuel in the single stroller and the twins holding daddy’s hand. It was a little cooler than we had hoped so it was not a long walk. Today we dropped the twins at mom’s for a couple of hours so Ken could work on our website and we could have a break. Emanuel was up at 6 am (with Ken) and then I got up at 7 with the twins. UGH Zander has been TOO helpful with Emanuel trying to keep him out of trouble… Gavin has been mean to Zander. Fun fun fun. I am thinking this coming week when I walk down to the dollar store to get balloons for when my brother visits I am going to pick up chunky beads and shoelaces so the boys can work on stringing beads (at the table out of reach of baby) like they have at the speech therapist. I am hoping the paintbrushes will be accepted in time too.
Next weekend is going to be a blast. James and his girlfriend get here (be sure to check out their comic Close to the Chest). We plan on swimming, going to church, celebrating James’ birthday, going through photo albums and just generally hanging out. I really hope this visit goes well. I would love for them to come more often.
I am close to finishing my mini Easter projects and then it is back to Christmas and baby samplers… I would love it if someone had an easter baby, one of the eggs has enough space on it for all the baby info. *I* think it would be cute. At it is I think there is to be a baby born in April and one in May. I do have one almost done stitch that now I have the floss for I could finish. I also have most of the materials for nursing necklaces so I could do those instead. I have some remnants of white aida cloth from the metre I purchased for Christmas stuff so I plan on staring another baby sampler really soon, I would just like to get one more Chrismtas project done. What a laundry list of crafts have I made for myself, not to mention the pages I need to sit down and do for Emanuel yet that I have the pictures ready and waiting for! Thank goodness I have no deadline on that unlike basically everything else!!
I am going to have to get my butt in gear and get cleaning this week too, I want the place at least CLEANER than normal for when we have James and Cindy here. Which means dusting, cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen, our bedroom getting just a little more clean (I am so close to happy with that room) and I think seperating the twins’ beds either tonight or this week sometimes. They are just fighting too much lately. Nothing drastic, just toddler spats but still…
Still no word from the eBay store I ordered a cross stitch pattern from. It has been a month, I paid with Pay Pal and still nothing. I emailed them 3 times since then… but I just cannot bring myself to threaten to report them to eBay. Softy or what?
Easter is coming up, and then the twins’ party in May…where did the time go? Spring, summer it all just seems to be coming too fast. Emanuel is growing up each time I blink and somedays the twins look 5!!!
We had a little success this evening – we caught Zander in the act of pooping, got him on the potty in time and he pooped IN the potty! He was not impressed but was happy to flush the toilet after. Gavin looked at me like I was nuts when I asked him if he wanted to have a go but still it is a start. Not that I am going to haunt them about it right now but hey if I can catch them at it …..
The real challenge is not simply to survive. Hell, anyone can do that. It’s to survive as yourself, undiminished.

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