I don’t think I can ever thank you all enough… such wonderful friends we have!
I had an absolutely lovely reminder of how totally blessed I am when I was having a conversation with Karyn over email… I was telling her of some news that had me hopping and before I even thought to ask it she offered her help. This is the same sweety that watched the twins when we went to the hospital the first time the night before Emanuel was born (even changed poopy diapers! and this in the middle of the night), who stayed overnight even though she planned to go home that evening the night that Zander has his seizure, who invited me and Emanuel out on that wonderful day of twin and Ken free fun in the city! How blessed am I??
There are times when I feel rather alone stuck in the apartment while the twins and Emanuel nap or snowbound in winter or simply lonely at night and then I look at my MSN list or check my email. One of my best friends is someone I have yet to meet anywhere but online. I love Cheryl and her hubby Simon dearly. We met by chance in a yahoo multiples egroup a group of which I do not think there has been any action in months and months. I now concider her kids to be family, 4 lovely neices and nephews who Ken and I think and talk about constantly. It has been over two years now I believe since we first started chatting and it feels like I have known her all my life. Someday Ken and I plan to make it to the UK where we can meet in person. Ken is just dying to have a pint out with Simon.
I also have friends who I have met and no longer live near that I chat with – people 3 hours away or as far as Texas. I managed a chat with my friend Cathy who long since has moved to Texas and gotten married (they are buying a house!!! yay Cathy and Noel!!) recently… here is someone who understands the ins and outs of a relationship born on the internet (gotta love not being the only married couple who met that way).
I have Christine who is only an hour away but I may not hear from for weeks at a time but the moment we reconnect it is like no time has passed at all. She is an amazing godmommy to Gavin… I don’t know that I can ever truly explain how much we appreciate her interest in him and his brothers. Christine and I connected in college when we found out that our childhood experiences actually were alot alike (parents divorcing, remembering the tough times, remarryings and all that) that and our mutal love of felines. I do believe Christine’s brood number 4 now! At least one is a rescued kitty!
Speaking of lives that are alike – Darcy… I lucked out, one of Ken’s best friends had an absolutely lovely wife who I met when Ken and I got engaged. She and I connected right away. I love her kids (one is out godson) and she is a treat to be around. We can gripe about family and life and celebrate all at the same time. She is my baby guru having 4 boys herself! Andrew, Anthony, Alex and wee Aidan. She, like Cheryl is another one of my supermoms. When I came down to Minnesota she made me feel at home and every visit we get our special time together. the distance sucks since she is a VERY busy mom but again like Christine once we get chatting we are back in the groove…
I have so many friends that I love and appreciate I just cannot list them all. I hope you all realize that I really cannot say thank you enough. Be you the friends from high school now spread all over the place, from university like Esther (someone Ken thinks of lovingly as a sister) and Kathy or people I have met on the internet like the lovely ladies in my twin groups or even the amazing people I have met recently through already friends and family – I am sure I mentioned how I have had many absolutely lovely conversations with my brother’s girlfriend Cindy (check out their webcomic) and a sweetheart of a girl I met who is friends with Ken’s (and my) good friend Steven you are all very special to me.
I just feel the need to say THANK YOU – for your support, your compassion, you joy and your sadness… I have amazing memories and continue to make more amazing memories in connection with you all. It is amazing how alone you can feel one moment and then open MSN or your email and BANG all of a sudden you do not feel so isolated. That is something VERY precious to me and I think you all for that!!!
A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

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