After a year of rather intense frustration and confusion and worry it has happened – I honestly did not believe that it would but the past two days it has been like a switch was thrown in the twins! It is not perfect by any means but since yesterday afternoon the two of them have almost doubled their use of English!!! This week I have been talking about colours with them and the first time I pulled out the balls and started they said them right along and now are asking (not with words) what colour something is! There is still screaming and that stupid grunting but WORDS !!!! FINALLY!
I took them to Subway BY MYSELF hehe so proud but man frustrating feeding the baby and trying to keep 2 3yr olds in their seats who the first thing they did while I was ordering was take off their shoes!! And Zander stared at the poor man behind us! anyhoo they used WORDS and then in the grovcery store when we were looking for pop Zander walked around saying POP POP POP and they NEVER speak in public let alone loud enough for ppl to hear!!! I must say the whining is definately still occuring but I so feel like the exact opposite of a failure today!!!
It was actually a big afternoon yesterday – Ken came and got us since my back was still hurting 15 min before 5 and dropped us and the single stroller off at the libary. The twins had their harnesses… after getting my books we walked down the block to Subway, ate there and then next door to Extra Foods to see Christine who was covering there for the day! First time we have seen her since February!!!! Although at EF I heard someone talking behind me – the guy going look at those cute backpacks and some woman saying but they are LEASHES! Thank you HARNESSES and how else am I going to get THREE kids across the road safely??? You tell me?
Poor Ken was up til 3am with Emanuel, he is teething his two front teeth finally and has this hacky cold almost gone and just was refusing to sleep so this morning I nursed him and put him in his crib I could hear him smacking his binky on the wall (geeze thanks big brothers for teaching him THAT) and then silence passed out cold. Poor baby.
This is one of those days that revitalizes my wish to be a SAHM. The boys were so much nicer, Emanuel in a good mood… we played play doh, coloured a picture for Grandma, did a puzzle, had lunch, they all had some sort of nap and they even practiced folding laundry. For once I can count on one hand the spankings and they were ALL Zander!!
After we dropped the twins off we took Emanuel swimming. We were there a scant 30 min but I am exhausted! Emanuel did a little better splashing a bit and not crying but I am thinking for the birthday I am going to have to simply leave when he is done and maybe see if they have toys or crayons in the lobby.
Ugh I am TIRED and still not caught up in my blog. I will have to reread my previous entry and do so when I am back from my evening walk with Emanuel. NIGHT

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