Sometimes it Sucks to be a Girl!

A busy weekend full of windy cloudy weather and then THAT TIME OF THE MONTH on top of it! Keep in mind this is a female’s blog and read at your own risk!
I am lucky/unlucky in that I am extremely irregular – I think the longest I have gone is 6 months without a period. It has been at least 2 months this time and my legs are aching accordingly. Yesterday afternoon was not too too bad but this afternoon is pretty well painful. The backs of my legs are SCREAMING. At least Ken, Emanuel and I made it to church early this morning when I was still feeling fine.
It is blowing my mind that tomorrow is the last day of April and the first day of Ken’s new job! So many changes in April leading to the climax in May. Now if we could just find a new rental closer to the city we would all feel a little more relaxed. Tonight I am making a big mess of our hamburger sauce that we mix with rice so I have extra for Ken’s lunch… tomorrow I am making a simple dinner since we do not know when Ken will be home. Tuesday is Zander’s EEG in the afternoon and in the morning we are going to pay the two bills we cannot pay online (rent and the unit) and then go to look for rentals. I am really trying to stay positive and have high hopes.
Saturday was very busy, we went to Walmart, Superstore, Staples, I even ran into Totem. I did not find new clips for more binky holders for Emanuel but I am thinking maybe Michaels on Tuesday. Ken got almost everything he needs to get done done – just vaccuuming and some tidying of stuff too heavy for me to deal with. After his raid he is off to Alan and Xinny’s so he will be sure to be ontime for his training shift. How exciting though there is some fear attatched to that work "Probation" a formality but none the less…
Tomorrow I plan on having the kids out for most of the morning having lunch at Subway. I have alerted mom to the fact that when she gets here I will want to have a quick bath and get ready to go. I am planning on having Emanuel fed by then and maybe even prepping the twins’ breakfast the night before. I need to go to the postal outlet and get some packages sent out. Probably have to use the credit card *sigh* since Ken may or may not have gotten that last larger pay cheque with his holiday pay in it Monday. I would like to do our usual stop at the dollar store too and look at stamps. They have stamp pads there for a fraction of the price I have seen like product at Michaels. I want to make cards to go with my baby gifts.
We are still planning on Wednesday being our grocery night. Ken is going to put the carseats in mom’s car Tuesday after we get back from the city and then after work she is going to pick them up. That also gives them the freedom to go where they want for the evening. I think I will have dinner ready for Ken when he gets home and then off we go to shopping. I also have to get all my stuff together for our Mother’s Day cards. I want to get each boy to do an art product and then I will go to Staples and have them shrunk down and copied so I can use them in the cards. I know it will not be a problem to get Gavin or Emanuel to colour me something but Zander can be a bit of a brat about doing anything other than tearing up construction paper!
Well tonight will be an early night and hopefully somewhat relaxing. I am waiting on Ken to get out of the shower from shaving so I can get in and soak these achy legs for a while and maybe read a nice light book. Wish us luck!

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