Ken got in contact with some of the people in charge of areas we were looking at. One of them actually is going to have some listings in June starting at 300 thou! I have looked through and man I love the one marked Pinnacle, the only one to have a basement (family room) we would not get the floor plan with more than 2 bathrooms and the basement would be finished Family Room only and I think we would opt out on the fireplace… but it is NICE! That is saying they are building that one! Ken is going to call and find out. I don’t want to fall in love with something right now and then find out there is no chance. Funny that the smallest floor plan is the one with the basement and the one I can honestly say would suit our family best.
I had a VERY busy morning today. Went downtown at 9:30 when mom got here with Rikki. Emanuel and I went and she took to twins on their walk to the mail and then they hung out at home. We went and gave a post dated cheque for rent, dropped off a library book, picked up some books at the Christian bookstore, paid for our storage unit, made my June payment for my RBC student loans, had a QUICK salad and stopped off at the dollar store. It was a busy morning… we also picked up this year’s and the previous tax returns. Emanuel fell asleep on the way home poor little man.
So the rest of the week we have to start working out details of getting what we need to buy a house… who knows maybe we will luck out? Either way I am working on my sewing again – Cousin Brad and Stacie had a baby girl on the 24th! Hailey! She is adorable.

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