Sleepy Afternoons

First off – no word from the lenders yet… Though our broker is talking with Ken’s folks and we are keeping what Ken called Realistically Optimistic. The boys and I are more than ready to move!
Yesterday was a bit of a rough day. Ken stayed home sick – some sort of stomach bug. He was not vomitting but feeling ill so it was more relaxing and keeping his mind off of it. He came out on our walk to the post box and we swung by the fruit stand to get some plums. Then this afternoon since he was laying down but awake he let me go down for a nap – I slept for almost 3 hours! It felt so good! Course then last night i just could not sleep through the night… I kept having bizarre dreams and waking up. I managed to jerk my hand while getting ready to use some mouthwash when one of the kids screamed and ended up with it on my face, a bit up my nose (bleck) and one drop in my mouth – amazingly enough NOT my shirt – though after that I had NO interest in putting more in my mouth. Yup, one of those days!
The twins had a blast at my mom’s last night playing in her little swim pool with the neighbor kids but they are covered in mosquito bites. Today we took our walk to get mail and then go the long way home. 30+ min of fighting with Zander and then to get home and find that they were not a bit interested in sharing toys. Thank goodness all 3 fell asleep relatively quickly, granted that means the twins may be up earlier but they have been so GRUMPY! Emanuel was up at 10 to 6 himself so has been running on empty since around 9:30. I wish I could figure out a way to get him to sleep longer… that reminds me I still have to fix the dividing curtain we have up in our room since Ken somehow managed to SIT on it and tear two of the button hole like things we have it hung on hooks by. I swear these 4 keep me hopping!
I finally finished my mom’s Christmas present so am able to start one on linen. I love working on evenweave and this one is quite fun – lots of words and backstitched pattern not so much blocks of colour. I think I am procrastinating going back to Precious Moments – especially since I have had two requests for them for Christmas.
We have a busy weekend coming up. If the weather co-operates I would like to take the kids to the splash park Saturday morning, get in a short nap and then we have a birthday party to go to. Sunday is my birth DATE not sure what Ken has planned and since mom has Monday off we have to go downtown so I can pay for our storage unit. Because of the 1st being Canada Day and all I have to get her to drop off our rent the following week for us on her lunch break. It is just too far to walk with all 3 kids.
Life just seems to be speeding up! We have a birthday party 3 hours from here and a scrapbooking party in the city on the SAME DAY! And then the weekend Ken is to be gone is a family gathering on my mom’s side AND her birthday… so much going on and we have to pick and chose! bleck. Oh well at least the weather is mild… now if I could get potty training kick started again…

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