My Grandma MacLean…

Passed away this week past. They say she sat down to watch tv and fell asleep. No one is sure on the exact day thinking maybe she was there two days before my uncle came over to see her.. but she died the way she would have wanted to – not in the hospital losing her senses… she died peacefully in her home. I can honestly say that though I am sad I am not in regret – I make it a point to wear my heart on my sleeve with my family. Ever since my grandfather died especially – saying what needed to be said, giving that extra hug, sending those extra pictures. No I do not regret a moment of my relationship with my grandma. I think she even understood me in a way. Granted my degree and all was not something she really got but she and I shared a deep love for these three darling boys. I am so glad she came to Emanuel’s 1st birthday party. I have a lovely picture of her holding him. She had even sent off my birthday card early so I have that too. My mom is doing better today, last night she was a mess… she has talked to her brothers and sisters and tomorrow they are to go and clean out the house of the stuff they want. Just the 5 of them are allowed to go. I did request a few things – the cross stitch I made her years ago, something to remember her and grandpa by for the boys… I did ask that I get a chance to go through the family albums and make copies for my family but that can wait.
Since mom was such a mess I also took it upon myself to call James and later alert dad. James and I are both fine… he did make mention of wanting the plinco (spelling?) machine in the basement if he can get it and I suggested to mom Grandpa’s bagpipes but really it was the person living in the house who mattered not all of that stuff! I contacted each of my cousins on Facebook and actually messaged a bit with my cousin Kathleen. We will see how tomorrow goes and what happens from there.
Otherwise yesterday was not horrible, the boys and I walked the long way home after posting letters… Ken and I watched Bleach last night as usual and my brother and I had a lovely chat on the ‘phone. With the funeral being in the middle of the week and James not driving I doubt he would make it.
It is weird I am sitting here trying to think of what I would want from my grandparents and I think I already got it – they loved me and my children, supported me to the best of their abilities when they did not understand my goals… they raised my mother and gave her life… all of that is very precious and now they are together once more…

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