28 Yrs Old Today!

Low key would be the best way to describe how we spend my birth DATE. What with the birthday party yesterday and the Davey home for their youngest and oldest, Thursday being Grandma’s funeral (I am reading) and the following weekend Isabella’s 2nd birthday party…¬†then the following weekend two events we still need to chose between Ken is working on planning a celebration for me. Instead he surprised me last night with Karyn coming over! More of a minor birthday celebration and perk me up with all this funeral stuff. She gave me my present – scrapbooking paper and these little wooden train pieces shaped like a "z", "g" and "e". We watched Howl’s Moving Castle (one of my favorites) and this morning they let me sleep in! I did not get up until almost 10am! When Karyn left we ran a few errands – off to photocopy some stuff and then to Superstore. We were going to go out to the splash park in the late afternoon but it cooled down too much and Jeff Davey had signed up for a raid so we spent the afternoon at home.
My mom did stop by in the morning – she had some stuff from grandma’s house – the siblings had cleaned it out yesterday. I got back the grad photo she had of me and the two wedding photos, the cross stitch I had made her (one of my first ever) and a painting my mom did of a rose from an old mother’s day card signed by all the siblings that was on my grandma’s wall and the mirror mom’s ex had given her. I will not hang them up right now but when we move.
So this week is going to be stressful – mom has the whole week off… the funeral is on Thursday and we have to go to the cemetary first… I have to do a reading – 1 Cor 15:51-57… I am just hoping everything goes smoothly, then I will worry about life past then. Ken needs to take his bereavement leave day for that too.
We did take the kids to the splash park Saturday morning – it was cool but they had a blast – we were the only ones there so they could use the water table as they liked. I do want to get them some water toys for next time. I cannot wait til we have our own yard so we can put out the little blow up pool I bought a couple years ago in Minnesota. Oh and some place to hang the hammock we got in Mexico on our honeymoon! So many plans waiting on banks and other people – FRUSTRATING!
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