Half Way

Well last night actually went relatively well.. the boys fought bed a bit but Karyn, Kathy and my friend Bren all called for a chat! I did sit down and do some more stamping, even made a very simple card.
Zander was up at 11:45 trying to convince me he was done going to bed… and then Emanuel was up by 6am even though I kept him up later! The twins by 7… So I am exhausted and the boys are ALL in bad moods. I put Emanuel down for a nap this morning but had to wake him up by 10am with the hopes he will nap in the afternoon.
Ken, the bugger got to stay in a hotel room last night with AC!! He so owes me! I have also come up with a plan for Ken to follow to get this house stuff better organized and his time more efficiently used. I have decided when Ken gets back he should be rested – if he is not well then he did not use his vacation properly… so we are going to box up our clutter and put it in my mother’s basement. I have big plans.
Tonight mom comes and gets us, I am already taking so much stuff I am thinking I will most¬† likely NOT take the laptop. Instead I am going to focus on my sewing and play with my DS lite. I just need to get a nap in, I am so incredibly tired… and the boys’ behavior is getting worse so there is more yelling and we are no longer down to our one spanking per day. I am just keeping positive that Ken’s return will improve that!
So off to finish packing and send the boys down to nap… they are so NOT gonna want to go!

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