Hanging out at Grandma’s House

The¬†boys and I are enjoying our time at my mom’s though the twins are so not willing to settle down and nap! Their bed is in the livingroom area so not enclosed and dark so they are having nothing to do with it. Emanuel is onto his 3rd nap – he slept on our walk to get slurpees and then at 11:30 and then back down at 2:45 or so… he is not sleeping long but at least he is sleeping. Of course he was up at 6 am and the twins soon after. Though I caught a nap on their bed while mom did her dishes and the boys ate breakfast.
We took the can back to Midas… driving us from home to Superstore and then to mom’s the van acted up and the engine light came on. Well they drove it around and checked it again and I guess what is wrong is the van’s computer is not recognizing the new part yet and since they are not the dealership they cannot restart the computer. Basically we just need to drive around until it figures it out or something. So tomorrow morning we will do a little running around.
Gavin is still acting out and Zander is super sensitive to no’s and criticism right now. Emanuel is seeming to be fine, though tired and a little cranky but that could be teething or a growth spurt. Yesterday evening they had a blast in the sandbox with NEW sand and in the wading pool. Tonight mom’s sig. other Mike is hoping to get the bq built so we can have hamburgers and steaks. Tomorrow I am hoping to get the kids out and worn out. I have even decided that on Wednesday we are going to take a second walk after naps (which today has reinforced the need for!) and maybe take the balls out to a grassy spot. I am going to see if I cannot get the boys out more since the next two days the weather should be ok. Course Thursday it is back to 30’s (cel) so we will have to stay home in the afternoon. That morning we have the twins’ hearing tests – FINALLY! I am really hoping it will not come down to tubes, they do see to be reacting normally to sounds… but who knows!
So Ken gets home late Tuesday night not Wednesday YAY… though he still needs to go to work on Wed/Thu/Fri. which is going to be hard with the boys only seeing him in the evenings. They are going to go wild when the long weekend comes on Friday evening – 3 days with Daddy! Though we do have alot of stuff to get done. Cleaning, arranging, prep for the coming week and working on finding us a bigger place. I have big plans… but they can be done in small steps. Feels great!
I am feeling a little worn still… I just need to have Ken back… the security of having him at home to deal with the tough stuff always helps, plus the boys are definitely different when he is around. Funny how much of an impact one person can have!
Well this is supposed to be my sewing time so back I go! Just thought I would update!

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